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Smart Security Week
3 days of conferences and live innovation
to secure today's globally connected society


Digital Identity and Data Protection for Citizens and Businesses
World e-ID and Cybersecurity invites e-ID and information security experts from Government and Industry to explore the latest technologies, solutions, deployments and regulations advancing secure identification and trusted online services. Now in its 12th edition, the conference will gather 80 speakers along 15 thematic sessions to address 3 core topics: next-generation e-ID documents, Digital Identity & Authentication and Cybersecurity strategies. 450 attendees of leading organizations from over 60 countries are expected.
Embedding Trust in IoT Systems
and Connected Hardware
Connect Security World is a technical conference dedicated to the secure technologies and methods enabling trust in M2M/IoT services and devices. Now in its 5th edition, this independent collaboration and information-sharing platform invites both information security experts and IoT developers to address the whole attack surface of M2M/IoT frameworks from connected devices (HW and SW), gateways to IoT platforms and servers with focuses on applications in Verticals such as smart cars, smart grids, smart homes, etc.
Next-Gen Analytics for Proactive Internet Security
The inaugural Security Automation World conference aims to think forward security management with advanced security analytics, big data and automation tools. Gathering security practitioners and industry innovators, this tech conference will explore emerging technologies such as behaviour analytics or machine learning and serve as a cyberthreat intelligence sharing platform of successful methods and best practices to prevent and deal with data security breaches in organizations' networks.
Learning, Networking and Innovation Development
Smart Security Live complements the conferences with multiple live activities over two days: international exhibition, demos, workshops and tutorials, innovation tour, business meetings, Smart Security Awards Ceremony, Gala Dinner, etc. Its agenda is integrated to the conferences so that all the conferences attendees can discover new solutions, source innovation and innovators, network and do business, leverage new synergies and benefit from huge networking opportunities among 1200 participants overall.

2015 Edition

Smart Security Week takes over the World Smart Week event that combined in 2015 five conferences:
Proximity Services for Connected Consumer
One conference, all the contactless services: Smart Contactless World (previously NFC World Congress) focuses on applications and usages based on all proximity technologies: NFC, HCE, BLE/Beacons, Cloud-based, QR Code, LBS, etc. Central to this 5th edition: the connected consumer and citizen... more
Driving Growth through M2M/IoT Services
M2M Innovation World invites both IT and vertical industries to show how M2M/IoT technologies transform business and create new business opportunities. It will explore in particular M2M/IoT innovation applied to Industry, Utilities, Connected Cars, Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Homes and Healthcare... more
Identity and Protection Services for Government, Mobility and Enterprise
World e-ID & Cybersecurity invites e-ID and security experts to make the shift from e-ID credential to digital identity services. Beyond national e-ID schemes, it will tackle online security, i.e. strong authentication, mobile ID, e-Government, etc. along with Cybersecurity regulations... more
Technologies for Trusted Mobility & Transactions
Connect Security World, previously “Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum”, is a technical conference on strong security for today’s globally connected society. The focus will be put on achieving true user-centric security for digital services such as m-payment, BYOD, Industry 4.0, wearables or connected cars... more
From Sensors to Citizen Empowerment
Smart Cities Day gathers 20 of the most inspiring smart cities worldwide to share lessons and insights for a smart, simple and citizen friendly city. . Technology and data can help solving the major issues of the 21st century: urban growth, pollution, traffic congestion, global warming and waste of natural resources!... more